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[Vegan Medicine] ‘You Don’t Have To Follow 100% Plant-Based Diet For Ideal Health’, Says Vegan Doctor


Dr. Belardo said she receives 'flack' from vegans because she is 'honest' about the data

A vegan doctor and cardiologist faced criticism after claiming you don’t have to be vegan for optimum health because she is ‘honest’ about US data and guidelines.

Dr. Danielle Belardo made the claim in an interview via Dr. Varshavski. He is known as Doctor Mike, a health influencer with almost 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

‘You’ve been sometimes labeled a bad vegan‘, he said. Dr. Belardo has apparently received ‘a lot of flack’ from vegans online allegedly because she’s ‘honest and transparent about the data’.

According to Dr. Belardo, veganism is ‘more of an ethical decision’ over a health choice or diet.

More vegan physicians need to keep their messaging ‘honest’ she added: ‘I don’t need to convince people to go vegan by cherry-picking data’. Continue