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[Activism] What British Pig Farming Looks Like in 2021

BREAKING SURGE INVESTIGATION: Our new investigation into a Red Tractor approved pig farm in the UK has been just today been released in The Independent. The farm supplies supermarkets Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and later we discovered, Asda. All four of these major supermarkets however have now DROPPED Willerby World Piggeries as a supplier following the release. Whilst what our investigations shows is sickening, violence and cruelty are the norm on animal farms, with both the legal and illegal practices documented on farms causing extreme suffering. Time and time again we are told that these investigations are bad apples and that they don’t represent the reality of animal farming. However, undercover investigations have exposed countless farms that are RSPCA Assured and Red Tractor certified - even farms owned by those in senior positions of the largest farming organisations in the UK, such as the NFU and Quality Meat Scotland. At some point we have to recognise that these are not just bad apples but that the entire tree is rotten. The only way to end cruelty to animals is to be vegan. Please share with someone who eats pig flesh products. Find out more about our work at Surge: http://surgeactivism.org