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Cognitive Dissonance and Carnism: Navigating the Mental Struggle Between Beliefs and Behavior

"Carnism perpetuates a paradox where compassion for some animals coexists with the consumption of others, revealing the dissonance between beliefs and behaviors in our society." Michael Corthell , The Vegan Project Global Cognitive dissonance , a psychological phenomenon rooted in the discomfort of conflicting beliefs and behaviors, has been a topic of intrigue for decades. It sheds light on how individuals grapple with inconsistencies in their thoughts and actions, offering insights into why people sometimes act in ways that seemingly contradict their own values. One area where cognitive dissonance is particularly relevant is in the context of "carnism" – the belief system that normalizes the consumption of animal products despite a stated concern for animals and the environment. Understanding Carnism and Cognitive Dissonance Carnism is a term coined by social psychologist Melanie Joy, describing the prevailing societal ideology that conditions people to consume me