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[News] Govt is failing to stop the suffering of hundreds of millions of chickens

  New Zealand raises over 120 million chickens for meat every year who have been selectively bred for rapid growth.  They’re still babies when they’re slaughtered at six weeks of age. The combination of rapid growth and dirty, overcrowded farming conditions puts these birds at risk of suffering from debilitating and painful health problems. SAFE Campaigns Manager Jessica Chambers said the Government must intervene. "This is as bad as it gets for farmed animals," said Chambers. "Chicken farming practices are inconsistent with the Animal Welfare Act and the Government has to do something about it. It’s simply wrong to put these animals at such high risk of pain and suffering during their short lives." In 2011, the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) raised concerns that chicken farming practices risked creating birds that spent part of their short lives in pain. A report published last week by the New Zealand Animal Law Association echoed these conce

[Cooking] Former Allentown principal moves to the head of the (vegan cooking) class

  Teaching has been his passion for more than two decades. But for Jason Sizemore of Allentown, what he taught took a big shift toward the end of 2019. Sizemore stepped down as principal at Allentown’s Muhlenberg Elementary School in 2019 and embarked on a new journey to teach others the joy of vegan cooking. He opened Butterhead Kitchen, a vegan food business offering cooking classes as well as some small-batch cheese and pepperoni, just as the pandemic began to take hold. With some quick thinking, Sizemore’s business went virtual, which as luck turned out, presented a whole new avenue for his customers, who found him in droves through social media. Continue

[News] World’s Largest Vegan Film Festival Announces First-Ever Vegan Cookbook Competition

The International Vegan Film Festival, an incorporated not-for-profit, is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating the vegan ideal: a healthier, more compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle that can be achieved through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives. The world’s largest vegan film festival is launching its first-ever vegan cookbook competition. International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF)’s new contest aims to become ‘the world’s leading plant-based cookbook celebration’. Each September, the Festival will announce a shortlist of eligible cookbooks, selected by a jury of passionate and experienced vegan cooks. Then, the top three winners will be announced at the IVFF on October 23.... Continue