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[Environment] Industry Leaders Speak Out About the Seaspiracy Documentary – Is a Shift to Plant-Based Enough?

  Following this week’s Netflix release of the documentary Seaspiracy , industry figures from Greenpeace, Earth Warriors, Roots & Hoots, and plant-based seafood producer Loma Linda , share opinions on the issues raised and the conclusions reached in the film. Veganism is one answer, but the planet’s overpopulation is another issue which needs to be addressed, as is education and a lack thereof, say these plantbased leaders. Greenpeace responds A blog post from Will McCallum , head of oceans at Greenpeace UK, posits that a shift to plant-based is crucial but not enough. “Seeing the destruction of the natural world, both on land and at sea, has moved more and more people to become vegan.  This is a hugely positive thing: the more people that turn to a plant-based diet, the better it will be for the planet . But although it might be part of the puzzle, veganism isn’t the silver bullet for our oceans. A campaign that focuses only on veganism ignores the billions of people that depend o