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Evaluating the Impact on Animal Welfare and the Environment: Carnism vs. Veganism

(Carnism on the left. Veganism on the right.) ''In today's world, our choices and preferred ideologies have profound implications for animal welfare and the environment.'' - Michael Corthell , The Vegan Project The ideologies of carnism and veganism represent two distinct approaches to our relationship with animals and the natural world. This essay will examine and compare the impacts of both ideologies, with the goal of determining which has the least detrimental effects on animal welfare and the environment. Carnism is a dominant ideology that conditions people to consume animal products without question. It encompasses the belief that eating certain animals is normal, natural, and necessary while considering others as mere objects for exploitation. It normalizes the violence and cruelty inherent in animal agriculture, perpetuating a systemic disregard for the rights and well-being of non-human animals. Carnism, as an ideology, centers around the consumption of