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Celebrating Earth Day 2023? Let's Thank Rachel Carson

''Earthrise'', taken on December 24, 1968, by Apollo 8 by astronaut William Anders.   The Vegan Project Global Rachel Carson  (1907- 1964) is widely known for her work on pesticides and the environment, but her contributions to the conversation about animal agriculture and veganism are equally important. In her book, "The Silent Spring," Carson raised concerns about the impact of chemicals used in agriculture on the environment, including wildlife, soil, and water. She recognized the connection between human actions and the well-being of the natural world.  Today, as we continue to face the consequences of animal agriculture on the planet, Carson's insights into the intersection of veganism and environmentalism are more relevant than ever.  As we celebrate Earth Day and reflect on our relationship with the environment, we can learn from Rachel Carson's advocacy for a plant-based diet and her vision for a healthier, more sustainable future. "Rachel