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[Activism] Star Says Fewer People Would Eat Meat ‘If They Knew It Was Causing Deforestation’

“All deforestation is economic… No one’s cutting down trees because it’s fun to cut down trees.   British actor and model Lily Cole says fewer people would eat meat if they knew it ‘directly caused deforestation ‘. The St. Trinian’s star made the comment in a recent interview with UK news giant i. Lily Cole interview She said : “All deforestation is economic… No one’s cutting down trees because it’s fun to cut down trees. They’re cutting down trees because you make more money cutting down trees than not cutting down trees… “I think a lot of people wouldn’t eat meat or buy leather products if they knew it was directly causing deforestation in the Amazon.” Cole concluded by saying there is sometimes a ‘disconnect between our choices and their impacts’. Climate crisis book Last year, the celeb published her book Who Cares Wins – which highlights solutions to the ongoing climate crisis. It features topics such as fast fashion, fast food, and renewable energy, as well as features interview

[Environment] Forest restoration provides a path to pandemic recovery, greener future

  Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic should lead to stronger action to safeguard the world’s forests, a senior UN official said on Friday, highlighting how these natural resources have helped to protect health and well-being during the global crisis. Liu Zhenmin, head of the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), issued the call during a virtual event to commemorate the International Day of Forests , observed annually on 21 March. Meanwhile, green spaces, parks and forests have been vital during “these times of social distancing”, and healthy, well-managed forests also act as natural buffers against zoonoses, thus warding against the risk of future pandemics. “Yet, despite their obvious importance, forests continue to be under threat”, Mr. Liu said. Continue

[News] Eating up the rainforest: China’s taste for beef drives exports from Brazil

  Sales rose 76% last year and show no signs of slowing, fueling environmental crisis in Amazon and Cerrado regions Brazil’s economy has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and more than two million people have lost their jobs. But agriculture continues to flourish, and the country is the world’s biggest beef exporter . Over dinner in a busy barbecue restaurant in Shenzhen, Lei Yong and Zhao Xu, two businessmen in their mid-40s, reflect on how meat consumption in China has dramatically changed in their lifetimes, particularly over the past 10 to 15 years. “Maybe 20 years ago, people in villages and smaller cities didn’t eat much meat, but those in big cities did,” says Zhao, referring to the bustling megacity in which he and Lei are raising their families. “Now people in bigger cities are more health conscious and are eating more vegetables, but those in smaller cities have more money. Now they’re really eating a lot more meat. They think that being rich means eating more meat.

[News] Scientists Warn Human Impact On Amazon Rainforest Is ‘Worse Than We Realize’

Plant Based News The rainforest's climate is 'changing fast and in alarming ways', National Geographic claims and this has wide-reaching impacts on the entire planet. The Amazon Rainforest has been linked by scientists as a leading factor of increased global warming, due to deforestation and resource extraction at the hands of humans. How humans ‘complicate natural cycles’ in the Amazon, such as logging and farming, is not only affecting its capability to absorb CO2, but contributing to global warming, reports National Geographic . Scientists argue the world’s largest rainforest landscape may ‘release more carbon than they store’ and fear the rainforest is now a net contributor to climate change. Continue Reading