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[Vegans] Tracye McQuirter Helped Ove 15,000 Black Women Go Vegan in 2020!

She surpassed her goal of helping 10,000 Black women go vegan through her free 21-day online program. She said: ''It is so gratifying to see all these amazing women who have participated in the 10,000 Black Vegan Women Program reaping the benefits of plant-based living, and I can’t wait to continue building on the success of this program to help change the health paradigm of Black women all around the world. McQuirter was introduced to vegetarianism by her 7th-grade teachers at Sidwell Friends School. When McQuirter was a sophomore at Amherst College in 1986, the Black Student Union brought global human rights activist and Civil Rights Movement legend Dick Gregory to campus to talk about the state of Black America.  Instead, he talked about the plate of Black America — the health, politics, economics, and culture of what Black people ate, and why they should become vegetarians. McQuirter couldn' t get what Gregory said out of her mind, so she began reading about vegetarian