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15 of The Best Binders to Make Your Vegan Burgers Deluxe!

"Discover the perfect plant-based binders for your vegan burgers, from flaxseed meal to chickpea flour. Create flavorful patties that hold together and delight your taste buds!" The Vegan Project Global   As the popularity of veganism continues to rise, so does the demand for delicious plant-based alternatives to traditional meat dishes. One such dish that has gained significant popularity is the vegan burger. However, creating a vegan burger patty that holds together and has a satisfying texture can be a challenge without the use of animal-based binders like eggs or cheese. Thankfully, there are several plant-based alternatives that can serve as excellent binders for vegan burgers. In this nothing-but-the-facts article, we present 15 of the best binders for vegan burgers, offering a variety of options for creating flavorful and satisfying plant-based patties! 1. Flaxseed Meal: Ground flaxseeds mixed with water create a gel-like substance that works as an excellent binder