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[Environment] This Company Is Leading The Fight Against Single-Use Plastic

It now goes without saying that the world is at serious risk from escalating environmental hazards. News reports about global warming, the use of fossil fuels, and other alarming ecological disasters are now ubiquitous. But somehow, the ever-growing single-use plastic crisis has garnered less attention, despite it now reaching epidemic proportions. Plastic is a durable product, designed for longevity. While this is useful in some regards, it’s also becoming increasingly apparent that it spells bad news for the environment. It all boils down to the sheer scale of plastic produced, and the incredibly long time it takes to break down. The mass-production of plastic only started in the 1950s. Yet since then we’ve created 8.3 billion tonnes of the material. To put this in perspective, that’s the equivalent weight of 25,000 Empire State Buildings , or 100 cities full of skyscrapers. Continue...