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[Carnism] 10% of Young British Men Would Rather Go To Jail Than Stop Eating Meat, Survey Finds

  'We want to challenge these destructive beliefs about men and their meat' One in 10 young British men would rather go to jail than stop eating meat, a new survey has found. The data, commissioned by No Meat May, also found that 51 percent of participants associate a diet that contains a lot of meat with being more masculine. Moreover, 30 percent of men said they believe humans are meant to eat meat – and 39 percent of respondents said they’d prefer to not date a vegan. While 76 percent say they care about the environment… Only 26 percent would stop eating meat to reduce their environmental impact. Ryan Alexander is the Founder of No Meat May. In a statement sent to PBN, he said: “The survey has uncovered some worrying stereotypes around meat-eating and how consuming a diet that’s heavy in meat products is viewed by both men and women as being masculine, despite the associated health, environmental and social concerns. Continue...

[Activism] ‘Mortal Combat’ Star Ludi Lin Boasts Benefits Of Plant-Based Diet – Says World Has A ‘Meat Addiction’

  'I think the world has a meat addiction' Credit: Ludi Lin Actor and model Ludi Lin has praised the benefits of a plant-based diet while declaring the world has a ‘ meat addiction ‘. The Mortal Combat star made the comments in a recent interview about his diet with Mens’ Health. “I eat a plant-based diet for many reasons,” Lin told the publication . “One of the reasons is because it’s healthy. The other reason is that I want to. “I have everything I need in a plant-based diet. My proteins are usually hemp [and] peanut butter. They’re complete proteins, especially hemp, it’s one of the biggest and best plant-sourced proteins.” The celeb says his diet consists of ‘a lot of vegetables’ – with a particular liking for the skin of pumpkins. He also eats sheets of nori seaweed when he wants a snack and stays hydrated with plenty of water. Continue...

[Capitalism] Tip of the Iceberg: Shady practices of the meat industry uncovered

Again and again, the animal agriculture industries find themselves involved in shady and secretive actions. Whether it’s creating brand new diseases and causing pandemics, colluding and paying off government officials, or lying to the public, these industries have done it all.  So this is a round-up of some of the most shocking and shady actions committed by animal agriculture industries so far - but believe me when I say that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Could you imagine ethical vegan companies ever doing anything like this?   CONNECT: 👉 Find more content on Instagram: ​  👉 Follow on Facebook: