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[Sociology] Film Theory: Was Cruella ACTUALLY Wrong? (101 Dalmatians)

   The Twilight Zone meets animal rescue. Thinking about the cost of cruelty.

[Animal Abuse] Animal-rights group calls 15-day sentence 'pitiful' for woman who shot dog with crossbow

  The dog has recovered and has been adopted. Carey Marie Wilson was initially charged May 27 with two counts of animal cruelty after a dog was found with an arrow shot through his skull 11 days earlier. A 38-year-old Hilliard woman has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for shooting a dog in the head with a crossbow , a punishment called "pitiful" by an animal-rights group. Carey Marie Wilson of Missouri Street was initially charged May 27 with two counts of animal cruelty after a dog was found with an arrow shot through his skull 11 days earlier, according to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. She entered a no-contest plea Tuesday on one count of animal cruelty and was sentenced to jail, due to report on May 14, according to the Sheriff's Office. Continue...

[Animal Rights] The animal welfare behind the meat carnists buy

   To understand how the different animal welfare standards on a meat farm translate to the products you buy on supermarket shelves, you need to know your labels.   So we've broken down a few animal welfare standards across the different welfare schemes to help you compare the meat labels available in UK supermarkets, including Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured, free range, outdoor bred, outdoor reared, Soil Association and organic.

[Animal Rights] Law Professor: More jail time for cruelty does not advance animal rights

  Institutional offenders remain untouched by felony cruelty penalties “More prosecution will never lead to greater animal rights. Longer sentences have not incrementally advanced the standing of animals in society,” argues Sturm College of Law professor Justin Marceau in the March 20, 2021 edition of the Harvard Law Review Forum. Marceau is also the Brooks Institute Faculty Research Scholar of Animal Law and Policy, and an affiliated faculty member with the Institute for Human Animal Connections at the Graduate School of Social Work. Continue

[Animal Rights] Billions of Day-Old Chicks Are Shredded, Gassed, and Suffocated

  'Everyone' wants to end “chick culling.” So what’s the holdup? Every year, up to 7 billion day-old male chicks are tossed into shredding machines, gassed, or suffocated in plastic bags—a process known as “chick culling.” This grim ritual is underpinned by both biology and economics: Male chicks don’t lay eggs, and they fatten up too slowly to be sold as meat. Across the globe, culling has become the default strategy for the egg industry to eliminate unwanted hatchlings. “It is horrible. You see these puffy, newly hatched chicks on a conveyor belt,” headed toward a large blade that slices them “into a gazillion pieces,” says Leah Garc├ęs, president of Mercy for Animals, an animal-rights advocacy group in the United States. In recent years, local and international animal-rights groups, particularly in France, Germany, and the U.S., have been ramping up pressure on governments and the egg industry to commit to ending the practice—particularly given technological innovations that