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[Vegan] Are Petroleum Products Vegan?

These days it seems that the list of things that are ‘not vegan’ is never-ending, with animal products finding their way into all kinds of things from McDonald’s fries to hardback books ! But is petrol vegan? Can you be vegan if you drive a petrol car? What about gasoline, petroleum, crude oil and diesel? This article explains all. Petrol (which is also known as gasoline) is vegan. It’s made from microorganisms that lived millions of years ago and no animals are purposefully harmed in the production of petrol. Some vegans may choose to avoid petrol because petroleum products are damaging to the environment and this, in turn, harms animal life. What is petrol made of? Petrol is a clear flammable liquid that is made from crude oil (also known as petroleum) and several chemical additives like alcohols, ethers and stabilisers. While the additives in petrol are not animal-derived, people may wonder about crude oil, believing that it is made from dead animals. There is even a myth that oil