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[Health] Essential Workers: Vegan Nurse Shares How to Give Back

  When asked what she wanted for Mother’s Day, this vegan nurse showed just how much the little things can mean. Crissandra “Angel” Hall is a single vegan mom of four. You may recognize her three girls as the acro yoga trio known as DZ Vegan Kid Athletes on Instagram, but what their back-bending poses don’t reveal is the dedicated woman behind the camera. In addition to being a full-time mom, she’s a full-time nurse, and when the pandemic hit, she was sent across the country to hot spots such as New York City, NY and Austin, TX. After weeks away from her family with intermittent cross-country flights to attend her children’s birthdays and gymnastics competitions, she continues to show up for both her family and her patients.  Even though many of us see a light at the end of the tunnel, essential workers are still essential, and they deserve every kindness we can spare. This Mother’s Day, let’s treat all moms—not just our own, but those working in these essential roles. Here are nine

[Health] Disease Mongering: Creating a Market from a Disease

Today we bring you - another golden gem of a video from John McDougall MD, this time discussing disease mongering.  Disease mongering is what the pharmaceutical and medical device businesses do in order to make money - to push questionable drugs, surgeries, potions, gimmicks and generally unnecessary (but profitable) treatments. The first step in disease mongering is to create a definition for a disease that will encompass a large portion of the population - be that a market for osteoporosis drugs, cholesterol drugs, vaccines - or other unnecessary treatments.   Doctors then sell the relative rather than absolute benefits. It's a great way to fool patients, to make them think there is a huge benefit - when the benefit is actually miniscule and the product possibly dangerous.  McDougall says doctors need to stop going along with this. In this classic talk from our 2005 Expo, McDougall doesn't hold back. He won't be involved in pushing useless treatments - it's unethica