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Breaking the Illusion: Rethinking Our Place Amidst Slaughterhouse Truths

  "Behind the 'circle of life' fa├žade lies the stark truth of slaughterhouses. Our ethical responsibility is to redefine our role as custodians, ensuring compassion prevails over convenience." - Michael Corthell , The Vegan Project Global The age-old adage "the circle of life" often emerges as a rallying cry for those who advocate animal consumption. This phrase is employed to suggest that humans, like other carnivorous or omnivorous animals, are inherently part of an ecological cycle that encompasses both predator and prey. However, a closer examination reveals that this perception stands on shaky ground, especially in light of the harrowing realities witnessed in slaughterhouse videos. This article seeks to dismantle the carnist notion that humans seamlessly fit into the circle of life, by addressing the stark contrast between this idyllic view and the brutal practices of the meat industry. Drawing insights from figures like Paul Bashir and Gary Youro