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Animal Liberation: The Fundamental Pillar of the Vegan Movement

"Can you imagine a world where compassion guides our choices, where we challenge our entitlement and work towards animal liberation—where all beings live free, valued for their intrinsic worth?" The Vegan Project Global Animal liberation is a central principle within the vegan movement. It embodies the belief that animals, like humans, are sentient beings deserving of freedom and autonomy. This article explores the vegan perspective on animal liberation, highlighting the inherent value of animals and the need to end their exploitation. By examining the moral, environmental, and ethical aspects, we can understand why vegans advocate for the freedom of all animals. Recognizing the Inherent Value of Animals Animals are not commodities or property; they are individuals with their own intrinsic worth and unique identities. Vegans firmly believe in extending compassion, empathy, and respect to all sentient beings, recognizing that they have complex emotional lives, social conn