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Op/Ed: Unmasking Carnism's Greed: The Vegan Project Global Speaks Out

"By unmasking the greed within carnism, we can pave the way for a more compassionate and sustainable future, where the well-being of animals, people, and the planet takes precedence." Michael Corthell , Founder of The Vegan Project Global As advocates for a compassionate and sustainable world, The Vegan Project Global aims to shed light on the insidious association between carnism and greed. While many view carnism as a personal choice or cultural tradition, our mission is to reveal the hidden motivations that drive the consumption of animal products and the consequences they entail. Join us as we unmask the truth and advocate for a paradigm shift toward a more ethical and sustainable food system. "Carnism is the ideological system that conditions people to consume animal products, perpetuating the belief that it is normal, necessary, and justifiable while obscuring the ethical implications of our choices." In the pursuit of profit, the industrialization of animal

EDITORIAL: The Future of Veganism: A Paradigm Shift in Progress

"The rise of veganism is a transformative movement, reshaping our relationship with food, ethics, and sustainability, driven by environmental consciousness, health considerations, and innovative plant-based alternatives." The Vegan Project Global   Veganism is far from a passing trend; it is a transformative movement that is reshaping our perception of food, ethics, and sustainability. The escalating recognition of the environmental and health consequences tied to animal agriculture, coupled with the surge in inventive plant-based alternatives, indicates a promising future for veganism. One of the driving forces behind the rise of veganism is the mounting evidence of the environmental toll inflicted by animal agriculture. The production of meat and dairy products significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water pollution. As concerns about climate change intensify, people are adopting plant-based diets as a concrete way to reduce their carbon fo

EDITORIAL: Quit Mocking Vegans!

''We should all strive to be more conscious of the impact our choices have on the world around us, and respect those who are making an effort to build a more sustainable future.'' By The Vegan Project Global It's time to stop mocking vegans. Yes, you read that right. Vegans have been the butt of jokes for years, with their dietary choices being ridiculed and dismissed by meat-eaters as a mere fad. But the truth is, vegans are right about ethics and the environment, and if you won’t join them, at least respect their effort to build a sustainable future. Let's start with the ethics of eating meat. Most people agree that it's wrong to hurt animals unnecessarily. Yet every year, billions of animals are raised in factory farms and slaughtered for food. The conditions in these farms are often cruel and inhumane, with animals being kept in cramped, unsanitary conditions and subjected to painful procedures like castration and dehorning without pain relief. Vegans ch

[Commentary] 70% of Men Would Rather Die Than Give Up Meat? Is It Addictive? - Mic the Vegan

[Social Media] Vegan Café Receives ‘Torrent’ Of Violent Threats Over Plant-Based Menu

'We were saddened to receive a surge of unexpected, online abuse' A vegan café has received a ‘torrent’ of online abuse, including violent threats, for serving an exclusively vegan menu. Caffi Clwedog, located in Wales, says its menu is carefully selected to be as ‘sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible’. Violent threats It serves a range of plant-based dishes including Bean Burgers, Burritos, and Clywedog Flapjacks, as well as a selection of plant milks for hot drinks. However, the eatery has been subject to mass backlash after farmer Gareth Wyn Jones posted a picture of its menu online. Continue...


So today I decided to go ahead and revisit one of the best commentary topics of the last year which is that vegan teacher, I figured it would just be fun to gather some of that vegan teachers cringe and react to it with yall. Let me know what you guys think about THAT VEGAN TEACHER IS BACK...

[Health] Over 70% Of Men Say They’d Rather Cut Their Life Expectancy Than Ditch Meat

More than 70 percent of men in Australia say they’d rather cut their life expectancy by up to 10 years than ditch meat . The data, commissioned by No Meat May, also found that 47 percent saw eating meat as a ‘masculine undertaking’. While 81 percent of participants said they care about the environment – a staggering 79 percent said they wouldn’t give up meat to help the planet.   Ryan Alexander is the co-founder of No Meat May. According to Men’s Health , he said: “Three-quarters of men [are] not convinced of the health benefits of a meat-free diet, despite the mounting evidence to the contrary. “Significant research over many years has shown that eating meat and other animal products increases the risk of developing certain cancers, heart disease, obesity and having a reduced life expectancy. Continue...

[Commentary] Is Low Carb Diet Dangerous Long Term? | Vegan vs Keto Debate

The Low Carb Diet Dilemma: Will You Die Young on Keto?

[X-Vegans] EVERY EX-VEGAN DOES THIS(It takes all kinds, and fixing this is an uphill fight)

Sarcasm: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic , and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual.

[Activism] ‘You Cannot Separate Food Insecurity From Systemic Racism’, Says Maggie Baird

Baird raised both her children vegetarian and says the whole family's health has greatly improved since going vegan Credit: Instagram/Maggie Baird Vegan advocate Maggie Baird is not only mom to pop sensations Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, but the founder of Support + Feed , a charity that supports plant-based restaurants and provides food to those in need. She has also had a glowing acting career, in-between encouraging thousands to go plant-based. Passionate about family, animals, and the climate, Maggie details her vegan journey on the Plant Based News Podcast. She spoke about social justice, systemic racism in the vegan community, and the importance of educating people about a healthy lifestyle.  Continue... Maggie on the PBN Podcast  

[Activism] Vegan Vs Environmentalist - Are Individual Actions Important?

   Discussion/debate that pits a vegan vs environmentalist who eats meat and doesn't believe individual actions are important.   The title of the video is "Vegan Vs Environmentalist" but in reality this was less of an argument and more of a discussion.  The environmentalist is part of the group Extinction Rebellion, this discussion took place during one of their events in Helsinki, Finland, where they were raising awareness of climate change and global warming and demanding the government make changes.

[Opinion] Is Being VEGAN Healthy: Everything YOU Need to Know

   There are many different opinions about the health benefits of being a vegan. In this video I sit down with an expert to give you the best insight into whether going vegan is right for you. Thank you to Suzanne Devkota for sharing her gut health expertise as a microbe scientist!

[Opinion] ‘Buying back’ the Amazon with meat alternatives

Future Farm’s Pedro Zuim explains why he believes meat alternatives will save the world . There’s a growing appetite of people turning to meat substitutes driven by a multitude of factors, including animal welfare, health and environmental concerns. Right now – more so than ever before – our planet needs us, and for the most part, we can all help. The simplest and most accessible way we can contribute is meatless alternatives. Food is more than just fuel; we eat for comfort, pleasure, nostalgia and variety. We know how our food should look and feel, and all the emotions it can evoke. Meat-free manufacturers have started to recognise this and create a new generation of plant-based ‘meat’ that tap into those senses. These products have all the seeming indulgence of meat but with a much lower environmental impact... Continue...

[Smart-Arsery] Here’s Why Vegan Diets Don’t Work

Thinking of changing things up and ditching animal products for good? Think again. Thinking of going vegan? You’d be joining an exclusive group of roughly 79 million if you do. It’s clearly not a popular lifestyle choice, and there’s a good reason for that: vegan diets don’t work. And here’s why. While the stereotype states that vegans only eat rabbit food, I’m sorry to tell you that if you were looking for a diet where carrots and hay are two of the key food groups, you’re going to be disappointed. Vegan diets are varied, and there is no singular way to follow one. If you love to eat only plant-based whole foods, that’s great. If you love the occasional indulgence, you’ll fit right in too. Name your favorite food and there’s probably a vegan version of it somewhere. Nowadays, supermarkets (like Tesco and Walmart ) are filled with dairy-free ice creams, vegan candy bars, and plant-based cheese. There are even vegan options at many of the world’s most popular fast-food chains. Continue

[Activism] Seaspiracy - An Animal Rights Activist’s Perspective

 Have you heard about this documentary Seaspiracy?  Of course you have.  While it may be a great resource to educate the public, what if the documentary, and the others in the series, were actually doing more harm than good for animal rights activists and our movement?  What if they were keeping us back from doing the crucial work to grow our movement and achieve the tangible goals the movie lays out for us? I have feelings. Obviously.

[Social Media] Joe Rogan Veganism Debunk FAIL (Regenerative Beef)

     In a recent podcast Joe Rogan claimed that so-called regenerative grazing and the eating of animals is great for the planet and for human health and that veganism is what's destroying the earth and people's health. Let's just say there were MORE than a FEW glaring errors in his logic so I decided to put him straight...