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[Documentary] 500,000 Sign Seaspiracy Petition In Weeks: ‘Start Of Global Shift’

  A petition created by Seaspiracy filmmakers has garnered over 500,000 signatures within two weeks – marking the start of a ‘global shift’ towards better protecting the world’s oceans. Ali and Lucy Tabrizi directed the hit Netflix documentary that charters their journey across the world to uncover the ‘horrors’ of industrial fishing. Now, they’re calling on world leaders to stop the ‘death of the oceans’. Seaspiracy petition Since its launch two weeks ago, the petition climbed to 100,000 signatures within just three days. At the time of writing, it’s hiked to over 510,000. It’s hoped government bodies in the UK, US, Canada, and Germany will set up ‘no-catch zones’ in at least 30 percent of surrounding waters. This will help protect wildlife and their habitats, which have been harmed by intensive fishing methods. Continue...

[Opinion] Fishless Oceans By 2048? Fact Checking Seaspiracy

   Gizmodo published an article debunking Seaspiracy as nothing more than "vegan propaganda", telling people not to watch it.  They cite "experts in the field" as their source of true information. However, when you dig into these sources, it turns out that they are all paid by the fishing industries to produce information that is favorable to the fishing industry.