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[X-Vegans] EVERY EX-VEGAN DOES THIS(It takes all kinds, and fixing this is an uphill fight)

Sarcasm: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic , and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual.

[Commentary] Ex Vegan YouTubers: Stop Talking About Them (they don't matter)

   Ex Vegan YouTubers Don't Matter:  I love ripping into ex vegan youtubers, ex vegan celebrities and their silly ex vegan videos as much as the next guy.   I love watching other vegans rip into them too - Hench Herbivore just did a video about Rawvana and it was great.  But is it always a good idea to respond to ex vegan YouTubers? Hench Herbivore, Freelee, Happy Healthy Vegan and Lifting Vegan Logic all responded to Rawvana in the last week or so, I'm not convinced it was the best idea. What do you think?

[Vegan?] Never Vegan: Veganism as an identity, and as an identity crisis.

 Commentary: ''I eat a vegan diet, but there's an important sense in which I'm an ex-vegan, too, and I can sympathize with people like Jon Venus. Jon, for his part, is both an ex-vegan and an ex-bodybuilder, now scrambling to replace the things that formerly made his life meaningful, to take on a new sense of direction and purpose.''