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6 Ways That Going Vegan Can Help Save the Environment

"Eating plant-based: a powerful choice. For the planet, animals, and our future. Let's embrace a compassionate lifestyle that nourishes both body and environment. Together, we can make a positive impact." The Vegan Project Global In recent years, the environmental impact of our dietary choices has gained significant attention. Choosing a vegan lifestyle, which involves avoiding animal products, can have numerous positive effects on the environment. Here are six ways that going vegan can help: 1. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Animal agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, surpassing the transportation sector. By eliminating animal products from our diet, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change. 2. Conserving Water: Raising animals for food requires a substantial amount of water, from watering crops to providing drinking water for livestock. Adopting a plant-based diet helps conserve water and ensures its ava

[Environment] One Earth

   ''One Earth'' is an environmental short film that was created and edited by Romain Pennes to help raise awareness about humanity, and how our activities strongly impact our environment and accelerate climate change.