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Guide to Dealing with Carnist Trolls on Vegan Pages by The Vegan Project

The Vegan Project Global As a vegan, dealing with carnist trolls on vegan pages can be frustrating and challenging. It's important to understand how to handle these situations with grace and respect, while still defending your beliefs. In this guide, we'll provide some tips on how to deal with carnist trolls on vegan pages. Understand Their Perspective It's essential to understand where these carnist trolls are coming from. Not everyone understands the vegan lifestyle or the reasons behind it. Many people have grown up eating meat and animal products their entire lives, and it's difficult for them to understand why someone would choose to live differently. It's important to be patient and calm when responding to their comments. Avoid getting defensive or attacking them personally . Try to listen to their perspective, and respond respectfully. Stick to the Facts When responding to carnist trolls, it's crucial to stick to the facts and provide evidence to suppo