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[Recipes] Everything I Eat in a Week (vegan living alone)

  It‘s time for another full length “what I eat in a week” - featuring lots of fun, tasty, pretty healthy and easy to recreate vegan recipes: Nutella & Oat Cookies, Lentil & Quinoa Burgers, Classic Spaghetti, Berry Avocado Breakfast Bowl ... to just name a few :) Hope you enjoy!

[Video] ''I Tried Making Vegan Hot Dogs From Carrots!''

Merle (​ ​) is back with another food challenge and this time she is trying to make Tabitha Brown's vegan hot dogs out of carrots!

[Video] Apple Cider Vinegar With Meals. Weight Loss & Exciting Health Benefits!

  Is apple cider vinegar actually healthy for us? Is apple cider vinegar safe to consume everyday? Why is vinegar so healthy for us? What does the science say about apple cider vinegar? Why is vinegar so good for weight loss? What are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar Let's find out!