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[Politics] Texas Approves Bill Banning ‘Meat’ And ‘Beef’ Labels On Plant-Based And Cell-Cultured Food

  Do plant-based labels actually confuse consumers? The evidence suggests not. Texas has approved a bill seeking to ban ‘meat’ and ‘beef’ labels from being used on plant-based and cell-cultured food . House Bill 316 was okayed by lawmakers earlier this week to prevent brands ‘misleading’ consumers. The bill strictly defines ‘beef’ and ‘chicken’ as ‘any edible portion of a formerly live and whole cattle/ chicken carcass, not derived by synthetic or artificial means’. Similarly, it says the label ‘meat’ must not contain any lab-grown, cell-cultured, insect, or plant-based food products. The bill stirred controversy online, with a slew of social media users criticizing the meat industry’s influence. Continue...