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[Activism] Veganuary 2021 a Smashing Success!

  Annual campaign Veganuary amassed 582,000 participants in 2021 and the majority of them plan to drastically reduce their consumption of animal products moving forward. A majority (85 percent) of this year’s Veganuary participants plan to make permanent diet changes moving forward, according to an official survey conducted by the organization.  Founded in the United Kingdom in 2014, Veganuary challenges participants to go vegan throughout the month of January and beyond. In 2021, Veganuary counted 582,00 participants and surveyed a portion of them to ascertain their experiences with the campaign.  Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of participants were eating meat prior to taking the pledge and nearly two-thirds (61 percent) maintained a fully plant-based diet throughout January.  A majority of participants were women (85 percent) and between the ages of 25 and 54 (65 percent),  while 30 percent of participants indicated they planned to stay vegan after completing Veganuary, the new