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[Health] What You Need For Healthy Bones – What You Should Avoid – Michael Greger, M.D.

The idea that the acid-forming quality of animal protein has to be buffered by calcium from the bones, thus leading to bone loss, might not be true. However, despite the fact that milk-drinkers have a higher calcium intake, long-term vegans were found to have the same bone mineral density .  The galactose in milk may explain why milk consumption is associated with significantly higher risk of hip fractures, cancer , and premature death . Still, vegans not getting enough calcium may be at higher risk of bone fractures , making the consumption of plant-based sources of calcium, such as broccoli and kale , important.   Calcium absorption from soy milk was found to be the same as cow’s milk, but soy milk needs to be shaken since the calcium tends to settle at the bottom. Cow’s milk consumption has been found to increase the risk of death and bone fractures, thought to be due to the galactose content. Low levels of testosterone may also lead to loss of bone density. Daily coffee co