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[Animal Products] UK Government Launches ‘Call For Evidence’ To Consider Fur Import And Sales Ban

72 percent of the public support a fur import and sales ban... The UK government is launching a Call for Evidence consider banning the import and sale of animal fur . The move aims to understand views towards the fur industry from both industry and the public. However, it concerns the commercial trade in fur only and doesn’t focus on non-commercial, private activity such as transactions and exchanges between private individuals Comments from the Call For Evidence will then be used to consider future government policy surrounding the fur trade. MORE

[Activism] Gemma Collins Joins Campaign To Ban Sale Of Fur, Receives Backlash

Collins told her 2.1 million Instagram followers: 'There is no excuse for killing foxes, coyotes, rabbits, or any other animal for a fur coat or a pom pom. Let’s end the fur trade.' Television personality Gemma Collins has joined calls against the sale of fur in the UK, alongside a slew of other celebrities. But, the announcement was met with criticism online. Collins joins the #FurFreeBritain campaign with the US branch of People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA), she told her 2.1 million Instagram followers – but some called it ‘disingenuous’. Posting on her Instagram , The Only Way Is Essex star called on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ‘make Britain fur free’ – in celebration of her 40th birthday. The call is in partnership with PETA US, as the animal rights charity is also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Continue...