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[Nutrition] A Guide to Plant-Based Women’s Nutrition at Any Age

From teenage years to your 50s and beyond, here's everything you need to know about plant-based women's nutrition by your age group. While the beauty and diet world would like everyone to believe the secret to healthful aging is about our appearance, science knows better: The inside-out approach is what counts. But there are specific requirements for women’s nutrition that are worth highlighting—and they’re different at every age. About 41 percent of cis women ages 19-50 have at least one nutritional deficiency, according to a 2017 review published in Nutrients. To avoid risk of deficiency, it is important to fulfill recommended nutrient intakes of vitamins and minerals, like calcium and iron to maintain health as your body changes with each passing decade. One of the best ways to get these nutrients is by eating a plant-based diet, or incorporating more plant foods into your existing diet, and reducing meat intake. Plant foods are packed with essential nutrients that are not