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[Recipe] This Sinfully Chocolate Avocado Pudding Is Basically a Superfood

   This chocolate avocado pudding is sure to please any dessert cravings. And you can even indulge in this vegan chocolate pudding guilt-free.  It features a superfood ingredient: cacao. Cacao, derived from the seeds of cacao fruit trees, features numerous vitamins and nutrients—including antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, and zinc.  “Full agreement does not exist on when exactly to use the different terms. Some say products utilizing the entire cacao pod should be deemed ‘cacao’ and the pressed powder should garner the name ‘cocoa,’” physician and speaker Dr. William W. Li explains in his blog. “Others believe the raw versions should be labeled “cacao” while the roasted and more processed varieties should be called “cocoa.”   According to Dr. Li, cacao has numerous potential health benefits. These include improving gut microbiome and stem cell function. University of California, Davis researchers also found that cacao has antiangiogenic effects—they help reduce the growth of new blood