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OPINION | The Tragic Reality: Young Lives Cut Short in Factory Farming for Food

  "In the shadows of factory farms, innocent lives are sacrificed prematurely, their youth stolen for a momentary indulgence, revealing the heart-wrenching truth behind our food choices." Michael Corthell , The Vegan Project Yes, it is true that the vast majority of animals raised for food in factory farms are killed at a young age. This fact highlights the inherent cruelty of the animal agriculture industry. Animals such as chickens, pigs, and cows are subjected to short and miserable lives, deprived of their natural behaviors and confined in cramped and stressful environments. Factory farming prioritizes profit over the well-being of these sentient beings. Chickens raised for meat, for example, are slaughtered when they are just a few weeks old, far short of their natural lifespan. Pigs and cows, too, are killed at a fraction of their potential years, denying them the chance to experience a full life. It is essential to recognize the ethical concerns surrounding factory far