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The Vegan Project Editorial: Gun Control for the Sake of Animal Welfare

  ''We need gun control in America to help prevent senseless violence and protect the lives of both humans and animals. Too many lives are lost each year to gun violence, and the ease with which individuals can obtain guns is a major contributing factor.'' The Vegan Project Global As an organization committed to the promotion of veganism and animal welfare , The Vegan Project believes that gun control is a critical issue that deserves our attention. While some may argue that veganism and gun control are unrelated, we contend that they are interconnected in profound ways . In this editorial, we will explore why we believe gun control is necessary for the sake of animal welfare. The Connection Between Gun Violence and Animal Agriculture Animal agriculture is inherently violent, as it involves the use of firearms for various purposes, such as protecting livestock from predators, controlling the population of wild animals, and slaughtering animals for food. This culture o