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[Review] Inside Look: Seaspiracy with Kip Andersen

   Go behinds the scenes of the groundbreaking documentary Seaspiracy with producer Kip Anderson and Dr. Neal Barnard as they join "The Weight Loss Champion" on The Exam Room™ podcast.  Following on the success of "What The Health" and "Cowspiracy", Kip reveals how this powerful film came together to expose the falsehoods of the fish industry and the health of our oceans. Everything from the lies of "dolphin safe" labels on tuna to the realities of modern day whale hunts are being discussed.   Plus, Dr. Barnard delves into research that debunks the popular belief that fish is a health food. And the group looks at the growing number of plant-based fish alternatives that are now being sold in stores!  Kip also shares his three part action plan to save the ocean and how you can get involved!  Seaspiracy:

[Commentary] The Science of Seaspiracy Debunked

The "Sustainable" fishing industry and various individuals have attacked the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy citing bad science but are their calls to keep eating seafood logically consistent?

[Activism] ‘Gunda’ Film About Pig Sentience Is Moving the World to Tears

  The documentary—directed by Viktor Kossakovsky and executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix—follows the life of a sow, named Gunda, who gives birth to a litter of piglets. Gunda, a new film about pig sentience, is swiftly taking the world by storm. And if the reviews are anything to go by, critics—vegans and non-vegans alike—simply can’t get enough. “This astonishing documentary offers an intimate look at the lives of a sow, her rambunctious piglets, a one-legged chicken and a herd of cows,” writes New York Times film critic, Manohla Dargis. “Time flows slowly in this one-of-a-kind documentary feature,” gushes Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal. Gunda even made the shortlist for documentary feature for the 93rd Academy Awards. The documentary—directed by award-winning Russian filmmaker Viktor Kossakovsky and executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix —follows the life of a sow, named Gunda, who gives birth to a litter of piglets. The film follows the pigs, who reside on a Norwegian

[Environment] What is the World's Largest Polluter?

   This video excerpt from  'Cowspiracy' tells it like it is.

[Celebrities] Everyone, Even Trisha Paytas, Is Talking (And Thinking) About ‘Seaspiracy’

  LA influencer Trisha Paytas says 'Seaspiracy' got her thinking about how her individual choices impact the oceans. It’s been nearly two weeks since Netflix’s Seaspiracy has come out and discussions about it on my social media feed don’t seem to have slowed down. Former co-workers and long-distance acquaintances who once bristled at my plant-based work lunches are now having in-depth conversations about overfishing, bycatch, and the global industrial fishing industry’s overall impact on the planet. Everyone is in on the conversation, and it feels good to see it. LA-influencer Trisha Paytas is one of the thousands who have watched the somewhat controversial doc. On Easter morning, she posted a vlog recorded poolside at her spacious new five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home in Ventura County. It starts off not so different from her typical check-ins with her 1.44 million subscribers on YouTube; she wishes everyone a happy holiday and she gives a little life update all while her fia

[Activism] Seaspiracy Wants You To Sign Petition To Protect 30% Of The Oceans By 2030

  'We grew up with a romantic view of the ocean. But what we found was utterly devastating' We are Ali and Lucy Tabrizi, the directors of Seaspiracy . It’s the popular Netflix documentary that charts our journey across the world as we uncover the horrors of modern industrial fishing. Now, we’re asking you to sign our petition to protect 30 percent of the oceans by 2030. We’ve both loved the ocean for as long as we can remember. The sea has given us so much happiness and it was our dream to make a documentary about marine life. But once we started filming, we realised the documentary would be different to what we imagined. We grew up with a romantic view of the ocean. But what we found was utterly devastating. We saw horrific killings and corruption. And we revealed a deafening silence over industrial fishing’s role in emptying our seas. We knew we had to expose how the global commercial fishing industries are killing our oceans... Continue...

[Documentary] ‘Seaspiracy’ Continues Making Waves: Here’s Why Fish Is Not A Health Food

  Some who stop eating meat continue eating fish in the belief that it’s good for them and that fishing is less cruel and destructive than farming - nothing could be further from the truth. We need fats called essential fatty acids for our cell membranes, brain and nervous system. They help regulate blood pressure, blood-clotting, immune and inflammatory responses and are called ‘essential’ because we can’t make them in our bodies, we must get them from food. ALA is an omega-3 essential fatty acid found in plant foods such as flaxseeds, rapeseeds, soya, walnuts and their oils. We convert it, in our bodies, into the longer-chain omega-3s EPA and DHA. These are also found in oily fish, which they obtain from algae. Conversion rates in the body can be low, which is why some people insist that fish oils are essential for health. They are not, in fact, they could be doing more harm than good. UK guidelines recommend that we should eat at least two 140g portions of fish a week, one of which

[Documentary] Seaspiracy Will ‘Change Your Thoughts On Seafood Forever’, Admits Vogue

  The publication has long promoted fish as a nutritious and 'sustainable' food. But will it now turn its back on seafood for good? Fashion giant Vogue says Seaspiracy will ‘change your thoughts on seafood forever’. The publication has long plugged fish as a nutritious and ‘sustainable’ food – describing Alaska salmon as a ‘hero ingredient’. However, it has now published a feature detailing six ‘eye-opening’ lessons from Seaspiracy such as bycatch, plastic pollution and ‘blood shrimp’. The documentary, directed by filmmaker Ali. Tabrizi, sheds light on the ‘war being waged’ on the world’s oceans. Continue...

[Review] ‘Seaspiracy’ Dives Deep Into ‘Bycatch’ and ‘Dolphin-Safe’ Tuna Scandals

Here’s one of the most shocking things that folks (including the film’s own director) are learning from Netflix’s Seaspiracy: If you wouldn’t eat shark fins or dolphins, you shouldn’t eat tuna or shrimp. The reason why? One word euphemism—“bycatch,” a speciesist term implying that one animal should die for humans to eat and another should be discarded back into the ocean (oftentimes dead), even though all animals deserve to live peacefully in their homes. What Is ‘Bycatch’? and Why Is ‘Bycatch’ a Problem? The fishing industry clings to the term “bycatch” just as the meat industry tries to maintain that it “harvests” animals (although in reality, we know they’re being slaughtered) and hunters attempt to use “game animals” and “the ones whose heads I want to hang on my wall” synonymously. Really, “bycatch” is the fishing industry’s shady, trivialized way of referring to the hundreds of thousands of its invisible victims: the dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, whales, octopuses, rays, seals

[Documentary] ‘Seaspiracy’: New on Netflix This Documentary Exposes the Environmental Impact of Seafood

     The documentary follows Seaspiracy directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi as they reveal the extent of the ongoing global threat to ocean life. According to Netflix, the filmmakers discover an “alarming global conspiracy” that links the intersecting issues contributing to oceanic destruction.  “The rate of destruction in our oceans is outpacing our knowledge of its wonders,” said Lucy in a statement shared to Instagram. “It’s crucial that we engage in this urgent conversation to protect the most incredible habitat on earth before it’s too late… And this film will spark that.”

[Media] ‘Seaspiracy’ Debuts On Netflix – Available to 190 Million Viewers

  'Anyone who cares about the ocean and their future must watch this film' The highly-anticipated documentary Seaspiracy has debuted on Netflix today, already garnering global media attention. Produced by Cowspiracy‘s Kip Andersen, the film sheds light on the ‘war being waged’ on the world’s oceans – delving into the fishing industry’s environmental impacts on marine life. Moreover, the official trailer had already exceeded 511,000 views on YouTube. But, the film is now available for a staggering 190 million people to watch across the globe. “This film will radically transform the way we think and act on ocean conservation forever,” the Seaspiracy team said. Continue

[Video] Leaked Memo: Fishing Industry's Secret Attack on Seaspiracy Documentary

  A leaked 'member alert' by the largest fishing industry organization in the US shows that they are scared and have a top-down plan to respond to the upcoming Netflix documentary Seaspiracy .