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[Wet Markets] 'It's going to happen again': Fears wet markets could lead to another deadly disease

Oluwo Fish Market teems with life. It is a wet market just outside Lagos, Nigeria's largest city. ITV News secretly filmed there - a place awash with animals - alive and dead. Scientists believe wet markets are a breeding ground for disease, a high risk environment, from where the next pandemic could emerge. The very concept of a “wet market” means the presence of blood and bodily fluids. It is a marketplace selling fresh meat and fish, as opposed to a “dry market” that sells durable products. Not all wet markets sell live animals. Not all of them trade in wild and exotic animals, but some do, and some of those have been linked to outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, where an infection crosses the species barrier from animal to human. Exhibit A. Covid-19. The pandemic that allegedly originated at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China .  Continue