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OPINION: Breaking the Chains of Apathy: Revealing Carnism's Influence on Human Behavior

  "Reaching out toward positive change, we must confront the apathetic mindset fostered by carnism and ignite the flame of empathy, for only then can we create a future where compassion knows no boundaries." Michael Corthell Apathy, characterized by a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern, poses a significant danger to humanity. However, one often overlooked factor in generating an apathetic mindset is carnism, the belief system that devalues the lives of animals. When a person adopts a carnistic mindset, it becomes increasingly challenging to extend compassion and empathy beyond human boundaries. This not only perpetuates the suffering of animals but also hinders our ability to address pressing societal and environmental issues. Carnism fosters a sense of indifference and disconnect from the plight of animals. By perceiving certain animals as commodities or objects for consumption, individuals become desensitized to their suffering and rights. This mindset contributes to