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POEM: ''A Way of Life, a Better Way''

''A Way of Life, a Better Way'' by Anonymous Amidst the din of daily life, Where cruelty and suffering abound, There's a voice that rises above, Calling for compassion to be found. It speaks of ethical veganism, A way of life that's kind and just, Where every choice we make counts, And the impact we have is a must. For the animals who share our Earth, Are more than mere commodities, They're living beings with their own lives, Deserving of respect and dignities. No longer can we turn a blind eye, To the horrors of factory farms, Where innocent lives are taken, And their suffering meets no alarms. But in choosing to live vegan, We take a stand for what is right, We show that love and kindness, Are more powerful than might. So let us live with open hearts, And choose compassion every day, For ethical veganism is more than a diet, It's a way of life, a better way.