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[Marketing] Whistle-Blower Finds Plant-Based Brand THIS Secretly Using Lab-Grown Meat To Create ‘Hyper-Realistic’ Chicken

    Meat-alternative pioneer THIS has been caught up in a scandal after a whistle-blower discovered the brand secretly using lab-grown meat. The company has up until now claimed to be entirely plant-based, using patented processes to create the award-winning meat-like taste and texture. Continue...         From the THIS website: ''So the main reason why our food is really meaty, is that we took AGES (around 1.5 years) to develop it, and it was really really really hard. We have tasted over 2,000 iterations across our 8 launch products – it’s been a long old road. In terms of texture, we take plant-based ingredients and introduce heat, pressure and water. By dialling in our recipes and our cooking techniques, we’re able to produce food with a fibrous texture – just like meat. When it comes to taste, that’s a case of breaking down exactly what it is that makes chicken or bacon smell and taste like chicken and bacon. Once you identify the constituent parts of those tastes and s