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[Environment] The Nasty Chemicals Hiding In Your Non-Vegan Household Cleaners

Even the eco-friendly seeming brands can have harmful  ingredients in them. Here's what you need to look out for... Eco-cleaners are on the rise. More people are becoming aware of the nasty chemicals hidden in cleaning products. So, what vegan household cleaners should you be using? Traditional laundry detergents tend to be made by a number of familiar brands. When you’re walking through that aisle of the store you may gravitate toward one or two brands that you believe are ‘safe’ for you and your family. These brands do a very good job marketing their products. They’re really just ‘green washing’ them to make it seem that they’re eco-friendly and a good fit for your home and your family. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Even the eco-friendly seeming brands can have harmful ingredients in them. Continue