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[Meme] The World Can Change

Animal agriculture is plainly unsustainable because animals consume more food than they ‘produce’. Every 100 calories fed to farmed animals, gets us only 40 calories back from eating meat and dairy products. By eating those crops directly instead, we could feed billions more people around the globe. How often have you told yourself there is no point in trying to reduce the amount of plastic you use, or take the train instead of the car, or give up meat – because everyone else still buys or uses those things? Although it might seem as though individually it’s impossible to make a difference in this world, if we all took the attitude that we can’t bring about change on our own, we would never evolve. Collectively, we can bring about real progress, but it starts with the efforts of just one person. Think Martin Luther King or Emmeline Pankhurst – all significant change starts with the vision of individuals. Continue