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The Currency of Suffering: Animal and Human

by Michael Corthell , The Vegan Project What is the 'currency of suffering'? Suffering is like money in many respects, as illustrated below. But what is my point here? The brief overview below is to point out that while money seems to be a good thing, (it has been good for human progress and the expansion of our culture), it is no longer needed as we progress *further. Humans and animals have paid the price and now it's time to move beyond money and build and sustainable global civilization. The term "currency of suffering" refers to the idea that suffering can be used as a means of exchange, similar to a currency. In other words, just as people can use money to purchase goods and services, they may also use their experiences of pain and hardship to gain certain benefits or advantages. The concept of the currency of suffering is often used in discussions about social justice and activism, particularly with regard to marginalized groups such as people of color, wom