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[Environment] Meatless Farm Urges UK Government To Discourage Meat Consumption To Meet Carbon Targets

It comes after the UK government announced the world's most 'ambitious' carbon emissions targets Credit: Meatless Farm Vegan meat giant The Meatless Farm Company is urging the UK government to up its chances of meeting carbon emission targets. The company welcomed the government’s targets to slash emissions by 78 percent by 2035 – announced earlier this week – but argues they don’t go far enough. Gas emissions targets Meatless Farm calls the government to improve access, availability, and understanding of meat reduction. This is in order to meet the targets – which Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared ‘the most ambitious in the world’. Continue...

[Plant-Based] Martha Stewart: ''Vegan Meat Has a Lot of Potential''

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is a fan of Burgerfi’s Beyond Burgers and sees the world-changing potential of plant-based meat. Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart spoke about the world-changing potential of vegan meat in a recent interview with Fortune .  Speaking about the growth of the plant-based movement and the role of vegan meat in displacing animal products, Stewart said: “I think [vegan meat] has a lot of potential. I have been an investor in Beyond Meat, and I’ve been trying older products for several years now. For vegetarians, for people who like the idea of a hamburger but don’t like the idea of meat, it is such a nice answer.” Putting her beliefs into action, Stewart recently joined the board of directors of burger chain Burgerfi —which began serving the vegan Beyond Burger patty in 2017. “I have also been following the vegetarian, plant-based meat development, like the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger,” Stewart said. “I care very much about meat production in the United Stat

[Fast Foods] Burger King Debuts Impossible Whopper In Canada Following Roaring Success Of US Launch

  The Impossible Whopper was described as one of the most successful product launches in Burger King's history.. . Burger King is debuting its Impossible Whopper burger in Canada, following the roaring success of its US launch. The fast-food chain has already begun serving the Impossible patty in select restaurants in Ontario. Next month, it will roll the meat-free sandwich out to all of its outlets across the country. ‘Just as juicy as the classic Whopper’ Matt Wright is a General Manager at Burger King Canada . In an online statement, he said: “The Whopper is an icon, and we know how much our guests love its unique, flame-grilled taste. “But, we also know those guests – and really, all Canadians – are always looking for more choice, and are increasingly interested in options without beef. Continue...

[Factory Farms] Animal Protein Consumption To Start Declining by 2025

  Europe and North America will hit ‘peak meat’ by the year 2025 – meaning the consumption of animal protein will begin to decline. A new report predicts the market for alternative proteins will grow to 97 million metric tons by 2035 – making up 11 percent of the overall protein market Food for Thought: The Protein Transformation says faster technological innovation and full regulatory support could boost growth to 22 percent of the market by 2035. At the latter’s rate, Europe and North America would reach ‘peak meat’ by 2025. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Blue Horizon Corporation (BHC) conducted the research. BCG managing director Benjamin Morac said: “Alternative proteins could soon match animal protein in taste, texture, and price. Continue