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ESSAY: The Ethical Significance of Rescuing Dogs and Cats from Shelters

" The measure of our humanity resonates in the compassion we extend to fellow creatures. Animal shelters epitomize this spirit, providing refuge, care, and a beacon of hope for a brighter future. "  - Michael Corthell From a vegan's perspective, the act of rescuing dogs and cats from shelters holds profound ethical significance and stands in stark contrast to capturing wild animals for confinement in zoos and aquariums. The disparities between these two practices arise from the ethical considerations and principles central to veganism. Vegans advocate for a compassionate and just approach towards all sentient beings, valuing their inherent worth and right to a life free from exploitation. When one adopts a dog or cat from a shelter, a reciprocal bond is formed based on voluntary association and consent. These animals have often endured neglect, abuse, or abandonment, making them reliant on human compassion and care. By providing them with a loving home, vegans assert that

[Activism] 10 Amazing Animals You Need To Meet: Their Rescue Stories Told In Photos

  Each animal was rescued and rehomed after facing suffering at the hands of humans (Credit: Britt Bosse) The stories of ten amazing animals are told through the lens of photographer Britt Bosse, thanks to the work of several animal sanctuaries across the US. Photographer Britt Bosse compiled the lives of ten amazing animals who have been rescued by a host of animal sanctuaries across the US. They include JP Farm Animal Sanctuary, The Riley Farm Rescue, Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary, A Place Called Hope, and Road To Rescue Animal Sanctuary. Continue...