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[Vegan Ice Cream] Best Guide to the Best Vegan Ice Cream. (You’re Welcome!)

In search of the best vegan ice cream? Here are the best dairy-free flavors and brands for you to dig into this summer. Whether you’re team cup or team cone, melting scoops of ice cream are a sacrosanct warm weather staple. After all, nothing says summer quite like swimming pools and ice cream trucks. Granted, the majority of ice cream trucks are—sadly—all but void of non-dairy ice cream options. Sure, you may be able to snag a frozen fruity popsicle. But if you’re looking for the best dairy-free ice cream brands to try—we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for the sweetest and coolest vegan ice creams around. What Is Vegan Ice Cream Made Out Of? Unlike dairy-based ice cream, which features animal milk, non-dairy ice cream is made with plant-based dairy milks. MORE