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[OverEating] Plant-Based Nutrition: Powerful & Simple

Dr. Joel Fuhrman delivers a powerful talk on the subject of food addiction and emotional overeating. Filmed last year at the Plant Based World Conference & Expo, Dr Fuhrman advocates for a micro-nutrient rich, ’nutritarian’ diet to combat obesity, chronic disease and mental illness in this call to arms to take control of our health and wellbeing.

[Transformations] Chronically Sick Woman Transforms Her Health On Plant-Based Diet

Helen Armstrong says she feels '100% better' after switching to a whole food plant-based diet. When 76-year old Helen Armstrong’s daughter moved in with her during the coronavirus lockdown, neither of them could have known the impact it would have on her life. Armstrong, who lives in Doncaster, has suffered with many long-term chronic conditions – diabetes, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, chronic constipation, and bipolar disorder – and was virtually bedbound when the order came for the vulnerable to be shielded. Just before lockdown, her daughter, 49-year-old Belinda White, was called to her mother’s house. Paramedics had already visited, and when White arrived, Armstrong was hanging off her chair, unresponsive. Together with her care givers White got her mother back into bed but by that evening, it was clear she needed more help. White called the paramedics back. They feared Armstrong may have sepsis or coronavirus and wanted to admit her but taking her to hospital wa