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Exploring the Ethical Dilemma: Is Honey Vegan?

"V eganism is a journey of compassion, guided by personal ethics. Whether one includes honey or not, the essence lies in conscious choices that promote a kinder, more sustainable world for all beings." Michael Corthell In the world of ethical eating, the debate over honey's place in a vegan diet has been ongoing. Some argue that honey can be ethically sourced from private hives, while others contend that any form of honey consumption contradicts the principles of veganism. In this post, we'll delve into the various perspectives on this issue, considering factors like bee welfare, environmental impact, and personal ethics. The Beekeeping Dilemma: One of the main points of contention revolves around bee welfare. Even in private hives, beekeepers engage in practices like selective breeding and honey extraction, which can potentially stress the bee colony. While private beekeepers may prioritize the health and well-being of their bees, it's important to recognize th

[Ethics] Why don't vegans eat honey explained - Earthling Ed

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[Vegan Products] This Honey Is Made Without Bees. But Is It Vegan?

Food tech firm MeliBio is making honey without bees using biofermentation. It's identical to the real thing, but is it vegan? Food tech is a fascinating thing. Mung bean protein can yield a viscous, bottled liquid that scrambles like conventional eggs. Scientists can create meat alternatives using mycelium, the long, stringy root system of fungi. Someday soon, milk, butter, coffee creamer, and yogurt will be made with vegan milk proteins created via fermentation—ice cream like that is already on the market. And now, California-based MeliBio aims to sweeten the vegan alternatives market with honey made without bees. MeliBio recently announced the closing of an $850,000 pre-seed round funding. With this funding, the company will produce “real” honey that’s made without bees. Darko Mandich, MeliBio CEO, co-founder, and eight-year honey industry veteran, tells LIVEKINDLY that no bees are used during the production process. “The technology we are developing is powered by bio-fermentati