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[Carnism] On Calling Meat Eaters "Animal Abusers" | Dr. Melanie Joy

Is this an issue in the vegan movement? And should vegans be calling non-vegans "animal abusers"? Dr. Melanie Joy is a Harvard-educated psychologist, relationship coach, and communication specialist and she is the world’s leading expert on the psychology of eating animals and the psychology of veganism.  She is the award-winning author of six books, including Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows; Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters; and Getting Relationships Right. Her work has been featured by media outlets around the world, including the New York Times, the BBC, NPR, and ABC Australia.  Dr. Joy is also the founding president of the charitable organization Beyond Carnism. You can learn more about her work at

[Commentary] TikTok Today, Gordon Ramsay & Vegan Dog Food

[Activism] Why Earth Day Should Be Every Day

April marks Earth Month around the world. But at LIVEKINDLY, we celebrate the gifts of our planet each day, working toward solutions for the climate emergency. That’s why we’re excited to share Earth Day. Every Day. We created this dedicated microsite — with its in-depth reporting, DIY recipe and lifestyle videos, and actionable service pieces — to offer you simple ways to work sustainability into your everyday life. This is a place to gain a deeper understanding about our changing climate and the intersections of climate justice and social justice. We’ll also provide you with actionable solutions to make changes within your own life and community. Here, we’ll amplify the work of the bright, young minds innovating in the fields of climate science and food tech, and honor the contributions of the space’s original innovators (like Jane Goodall , still our shero after 60 years). And with in-depth features on macro issues that affect our everyday lives, we’ll explore all the big question

[Activism] ‘You Cannot Separate Food Insecurity From Systemic Racism’, Says Maggie Baird

Baird raised both her children vegetarian and says the whole family's health has greatly improved since going vegan Credit: Instagram/Maggie Baird Vegan advocate Maggie Baird is not only mom to pop sensations Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, but the founder of Support + Feed , a charity that supports plant-based restaurants and provides food to those in need. She has also had a glowing acting career, in-between encouraging thousands to go plant-based. Passionate about family, animals, and the climate, Maggie details her vegan journey on the Plant Based News Podcast. She spoke about social justice, systemic racism in the vegan community, and the importance of educating people about a healthy lifestyle.  Continue... Maggie on the PBN Podcast  

[Activism] Seaspiracy Wants You To Sign Petition To Protect 30% Of The Oceans By 2030

  'We grew up with a romantic view of the ocean. But what we found was utterly devastating' We are Ali and Lucy Tabrizi, the directors of Seaspiracy . It’s the popular Netflix documentary that charts our journey across the world as we uncover the horrors of modern industrial fishing. Now, we’re asking you to sign our petition to protect 30 percent of the oceans by 2030. We’ve both loved the ocean for as long as we can remember. The sea has given us so much happiness and it was our dream to make a documentary about marine life. But once we started filming, we realised the documentary would be different to what we imagined. We grew up with a romantic view of the ocean. But what we found was utterly devastating. We saw horrific killings and corruption. And we revealed a deafening silence over industrial fishing’s role in emptying our seas. We knew we had to expose how the global commercial fishing industries are killing our oceans... Continue...

[Meme] Joaquin Phoenix: Why Vegan?

Joaquin Phoenix was born Joaquin Rafael Bottom in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Arlyn (Dunetz) and John Bottom, and is the middle child in a brood of five. His parents, from the continental United States, were then serving as Children of God missionaries. His mother is from a Jewish family from New York, while his father, from California, is of mostly British Isles descent. As a youngster, Joaquin took his cues from older siblings River Phoenix and Rain Phoenix , changing his name to Leaf to match their earthier monikers. When the children were encouraged to develop their creative instincts, he followed their lead into acting. Younger sisters Liberty Phoenix and Summer Phoenix rounded out the talented troupe.

[Meme] No BODY

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