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REVIEW & SUMMARY: ''Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict''

  In recognizing the interconnectedness of animal oppression and human violence , we find an imperative to strive towards a vegan world. It is a path that not only embodies compassion and ethical integrity but also offers a tangible solution to pressing global challenges. Michael Corthell David A. Nibert 's examination of animal oppression and its connection to human violence provides a compelling argument for the imperative need to work towards a vegan world. Contrary to the prevailing belief that animal domestication has propelled human society forward, Nibert unveils a darker narrative of ethical perversion, large-scale violence, and catastrophic consequences. Nibert's focus on nomadic pastoralism and the evolution of commercial ranching underscores how these practices, predominantly controlled by elite groups, have expanded alongside the rise of capitalism. He traces the roots of conquest, subjugation, and violence to the appropriation of land and water to sustain vast anim