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Animal Rights' Provocateur In Chief: PETA's Ingrid Newkirk | by Rich Roll

   Thanks for watching! Read all about Ingrid here 👉🏼    The legendary & controversial co-founder and president of PETA , Ingrid Newkirk has spent the better part of her life fighting for animal welfare around the world.   Today’s conversation is about Ingrid’s storied and controversial career. It’s about what it takes to not only spark, but lead a movement. And it's a gut check on the current status of animal rights — how far we’ve come, and how much father we have left to go.   This conversation was recorded pre-pandemic on February 18, 2020. Therefore there is no coronavirus discussion. However, I think Ingrid's message is profoundly of the moment given the undeniable role animal agriculture plays in fomenting disease.

[Activism] Pamela Anderson On New Billboard: ‘Meat and Dairy Farms Drain Half the Country’s Water’

  'The meat and dairy industries are guzzling up our water supply' Credit: Michael Schratter Acclaimed actor and animal-rights advocate Pamela Anderson is appearing on pro-vegan billboards across the US. The Baywatch star is the face of a new ad that debuted on April 5 ahead of Earth Day (April 22). It has been placed outside a number of Sioux Falls fast-food outlets, and declares: “Meat and Dairy Farms Drain Half the Country’s Water.” Ingrid Newkirk is the President of PETA – the vegan charity that created the billboards. In an online statement, she said : “The meat and dairy industries are guzzling up our water supply and sending our planet down the drain. “PETA wants everyone to follow Pamela Anderson’s example and make a splash for animals and the environment by giving vegan meals a try.” Continue...

[Activism] From Mud to Hugs: See This ‘Backyard Dog’ Now!

 This video celebrates the rescue of a gentle dog who spent years chained up outside in a muddy backyard. The only affection she received came from PETA’s fieldworkers, who visited her as much as they could, giving her water, food, and companionship—but some days, she was so timid and depressed that she didn’t even come out of her doghouse.  All that changed when her owner finally agreed to let PETA find her a new home. Now, she has a fancy new name (Wolfie von Fluffer Bottom, or Wolfie for short) and lives indoors with a family who loves her—and a warm home, cuddles on the couch, and playtime with her new dog brother was all she needed to bring her out of her shell.  PETA's mission statement is that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way:​  The website the meat industry doesn't want you to see: ​  How to go vegan: ​  PETA Saves: h