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[Opinion] Should Ethical Vegans Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Jordi Casamitjana Walks Us Through The Arguments Of Getting Vaccinated As Ethical Vegans Should ethical vegans get the Covid-19 vaccine? This is going to be the key vegan question of 2021. As a long-term vegan and author of the book Ethical Vegan , other people who share my philosophical belief often ask me whether they should get the Covid-19 vaccine, as many find themselves stuck in a dilemma when trying to decide. It is not up to me to advise anyone on this matter (I am not a doctor or a public health expert) and I believe this really must be each person’s decision (which is also the official position of the Vegan Society ). Besides, people can get stigmatised by either having had the vaccine or not, so we should be careful when we ask this question to others, and, as with any medical issue, we should respect confidentiality and avoid pressuring anyone to reveal what decision they made. Above all, we should never judge other vegans for having decided differently than us, as this is