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[Information] All About KALE

In The Village Vegan Kitchen: Some very good looking Kale ready for the food de-hydrator. Kale chips tonight!   Kale is a northern British word for Brassica oleracea var acephala, which basically means cabbage without a head. During the Middle Ages kale was the go-to green leafy vegetable. It was easy to grow, fairly frost resistant and a healthy addition to any mealy gruel. At the end of the Middle Ages kale mutated to develop a "head" and so cabbages were born. Stone-walled kailyards can still be found in the Scottish highlands. In southern England kale was known as "cole" or "colewort". Colewort was transformed in the southern states of the US to "collard", as in "black-eyed peas and collard greens". In some circles, kale has become really, really popular. Once a little-known speciality crop, its meteoric rise is now the subject of national news segments . Some experts are predicting that kale salads will soon be on the m