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[Activism] Do You Have a Moral Obligation to go Vegan Today? Let's Look...

  The Village Vegan endorses a more measured approach:   There are generally three main reasons people choose to go vegan: for environmental, ethical and health reasons. If going vegan is something you are interested in doing, it is worth exploring which ones speak to you (it could be all three!) and tapping into that to keep you motivate. Continue...

[Animal Rights] MPs Call On UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson To Outlaw Intensive Farming

A coalition of MPs is calling on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to outlaw intensive farming. An Early Day Motion has been signed by 16 MPs from Labour, the SNP, the Green Party, and the Liberal Democrats. It urges Johnson to ‘listen to the public’ and permanently ban factory farming in the UK. The motion is supported by vegan charity Viva! It recognizes that ‘intensive farming methods inflict terrible suffering on some one billion land animals in the UK each year’. It also says factory farms provide a ‘fertile environment for the amplification and transmission of viruses and bacteria between different species and humans’. As well as drawing attention to the ‘rise and spread of antimicrobial resistance’ caused by livestock farming.  Continue...

[Activism] 3MT: Georgia, Anti-Protest Bills & Why Vegans Aren't Winning. + Owls & Fur Bans!

    There's so much more I could, and should, have said, but after the chaos in Georgia, USA and the impending anti-protest laws in the UK, I tried to (potentially unsuccessfully) piece together some thoughts on how it relates to the increasing desire for vegans to build walls instead of breaking them down, and how ultimately it keeps us from liberation. Apologies to the great movement news about owls and the fight against fur I posted at the end, but I thought you all were worth mentioning regardless.  #TheCrankyVegan  

[Video] Ex Veganism: This is a Psyop? (One guy's opinion)

  Suspicious rise of ex vegans the last couple years, notice that? This psyop goes deep!

[Investing] Mark Cuban Likes Investing In Vegan Meat

Mark Cuban invested $300,000 into vegan meat brand Everything Legendary . Mark Cuban just made another vegan investment. Vegan meat brand Everything Legendary secured $300,000 in funding from the entrepreneur during an episode of Shark Tank, which aired in February. And within 24 hours of the show airing, the company sold $250,000 worth of its burgers online. With a rather extensive investment portfolio of plant-based brands, including Wild Earth and unreal Deli, Cuban has high hopes for the vegan meat market. “It’s going to keep on growing quickly,” he tells LIVEKINDLY in an email. “People realize [eating plant-based is] better for their own health, for the environment and it now tastes great!” But Everything Legendary isn’t your average vegan meat brand. According to co-founder, Duane “Myko” Cheers, the Black-owned company is looking to revolutionize the vegan meat market with its soy- and gluten-free, pea protein-based meat. Continue

[Video] Vegans Are Hypocrites!? Should That Stop YOU From Being Vegan?

Are vegans hypocrites? Does that make veganism pointless? Should you let vegan hypocrisy stop you from being vegan yourself? ''I think one of the biggest takeaways from this video should hopefully be that I am not perfect and that I still cause harm as a vegan. I have been changing my life in a lot of ways over the last 3+ years since I have become vegan, but it should come as no surprise that I have not become a perfect being in that short time span.  I am however continuously working on myself and constantly working on improving. I am by no means done with making changes in my life for the better and I'm definitely not done trying to live more in alignment with my morals. If you would like to do the same then feel free to join in with me.  We will never be perfect and veganism doesn't make you some immaculate being all of the sudden, but it is a great way to reduce suffering and a big step towards a better life for all beings on this planet.''   Vegan Yak

[Meme] Fast Food, Fast Karma

How marketers condition us to buy more junk food Fast food giant McDonald’s has been under a cloud in recent years as its US customers turn to alternatives. In this “Fast food reinvented” series we explore what the sector is doing to keep customers hooked and sales rising. Continue  

[Wet Markets] 'It's going to happen again': Fears wet markets could lead to another deadly disease

Oluwo Fish Market teems with life. It is a wet market just outside Lagos, Nigeria's largest city. ITV News secretly filmed there - a place awash with animals - alive and dead. Scientists believe wet markets are a breeding ground for disease, a high risk environment, from where the next pandemic could emerge. The very concept of a “wet market” means the presence of blood and bodily fluids. It is a marketplace selling fresh meat and fish, as opposed to a “dry market” that sells durable products. Not all wet markets sell live animals. Not all of them trade in wild and exotic animals, but some do, and some of those have been linked to outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, where an infection crosses the species barrier from animal to human. Exhibit A. Covid-19. The pandemic that allegedly originated at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China .  Continue

ASK The Village Vegan | ''What is the exact definition of veganism?''

QUESTION: What is the exact definition of veganism? T his isn't the first question people usually ask when I tell someone that I am a vegan, but it should be. They usually ask, ''Are you healthy'' or ''Where do you get your protein?'' That sometimes gets us off on the wrong foot. It's much better if we can define something first, then it's much easier to discuss it, and explain it. Let's start with the standard definition. Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and with it, an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals . An individual who follows the diet or philosophy is known as a vegan. Sometimes, a vegan may further explain that they are an 'ethical vegan', also known as a "moral vegetarian". This is someone who not only follows a vegan diet, but extends their philosophy to other areas of their life, and opposes the use of animals for any

COVID-19: A Wake-Up Call For Our Abuse Of Animals

Our use and abuse of animals has demanded change for a long time.  This pandemic has shown us the life or death consequences of failing to act. A new report from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is a call to action for animals. It proposes nine policies aimed at reducing the risk of another pandemic arising from zoonotic (originating in animals) disease. The novel coronavirus, responsible for COVID-19, likely developed in bats and infected humans through an intermediate host, and it isn’t the first time this has happened. The pathogens responsible for Ebola, avian flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, and SARS all came from animals. An estimated 73% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic. As for known infectious diseases, almost three in five (58%)—think rabies or salmonella– are transmitted by animals. Human activity, and the use and misuse of animals, are frequently behind the spillover of contagions from animals to humans. In response to this now glaring threat, the

[News] Nebraska Politician Declares Pro-Meat Day After Colorado Urges Citizens To Eat Plant-Based

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is declaring a pro-meat day in response to Colorado urging its citizens to eat plant-based . Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently marked March 20 as a statewide meat-free holiday named MeatOut Day . The initiative was founded by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) back in 1985. It aims to ‘educate consumers about the benefits of a healthful, plant-based diet’. When asked about the designation, Conor Cahill, the governor’s spokesman, said the office “gets hundreds of requests for proclamations throughout the year and rarely declines these non-binding ceremonial proclamations that get auto-penned by the Governor.” Polis himself eats meat, although his fiancĂ©, first gentleman Marlon Reis, is a vegan and animal rights advocate. Continue